Schedule of Charges

Charges for Smart Card Based Driving Licence & Registration Certificate
Specified Services Charges (Rs)
SCB Driving License SC1
SCB Registration Certificate and related services SC2 = 3 times SC1
Charges for Paper Based Documents

Service Charge for each instance of rendering Specified Services from Appointed
Date till availability of Smart Card based licence DL & R.C in all the States of

S No
Specified Service
Service Charges
Rs (in Figures)
Rs (in Words)
01 Paper Based Driving Licence 20.00 Twenty Only
02 Paper Based Registration Certificates 15.00 Fifteen only
03 Paper Based Learners Licence 20.00 Twenty only
04 Paper Based Trade Certificates 15.00 Fifteen only
05 Paper Based Fitness Certificates 15.00 Fifteen only
06 Paper Based Permits 15.00 Fifteen only