About Us

An efficient and vibrant Road Transport System in a State is the most essential ingredient for the long-term socio-economic and cultural prosperities. It has direct bearing on the quality of the live of the people. With enormous implications embodied, the efficacies of road transport system is inextricably linked with the types and extent of regulatory, management and administrative setup in the State

Administrative Setup

With about 15 lakhs registered vehicles and annual generation of Rs 280 crore (2003-04) revenue for the State exchequer, the administrative machinery of the road transport department of the State of Orissa functions in a multidisciplinary approach. Its administration is manned by combined network of civil servants, automobile engineers, police personnel, statisticians and judicial experts.


The Transport Department is headed by the Transport Commissioner (TC) cum Chairman. He is assisted by Deputy Transport Commissioners specializing in Enforcement, Technical, Administration and Finance in the Head office.